My Siberianbook…getting there (some additions)

  What should go in? what not?

A good proofreader is a must! “Have a look at the sequence of this sentence and see if you can be more explicit Els. And this is Husky Chinese!” Yes Annette, will have it changed


No pictures but illustrations. Johann, who else? “I ould like to use that drawing of you with Valerie, I’d like to put it in Els.” Mmm….I’m not sure about that Johann…


“Els these entries, the total sequence  and set up must be changed. This way we will not be able to get it into the template needed for the size of your book. Read it aloud to yourself once more and have the spellchecker go through it again.”  Yes Lars, will take care of it!


And ofcourse.. my book will be dedicated to Earl and Natalie Norris.

Alaskan Kennels -The Anadyr dogs – The Howling Dog Farm.

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