Good intentions for 2016?

Starting to jog again, shiatsu, yoga? More walking with or without the dog?  Healthier food ? Fewer glasses of wine ? Good for you!


But have you considered the option of finding the for you important acupressure points and use them ? You will find them on the internet and in this book. There are specialists in this field that can help you along as well. Important points are situated on your hands and feet. Keep in mind… Acupuncture/pressure are a much older science then the ones of today.

By the way..did you know that your face has more muscles than your whole body?



So, why not excercise those as well? Wrinkles will stay – you earned them so that’s that – but it will help to keep your face better in shape. The double chin, firmness of cheeks, shape of your mouth amongst others. Once you know these little exercises by heart you can do them while driving your car, walking your dog, watching TV.  Which goes for many of your acupressure points as well ofcourse!


For your infomation: the above books are available in English,  French and German.



  1. I have the Donna Eden book, it is fabulous! Catherine Pez’s book looks good as well. I agree with you about these subtle yet powerful differences that we can make to feel our best! Plus, I’m not giving away (even if I could) those laugh lines around my eyes! 😉

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