The First !

One has to move with time. And thus switching to the new WordPress version was in order.  Do not assume that I am able to manage this on my own. Far from it.  As Jeff Saward created my KolymaKennels website, so Kimberly Saward helps me with this new blogversion. Without their help I would have digitally drowned long ago. So grateful for their patience and generous efforts !

For me blogging is sharing, getting things started. Make it happen. Looking behind new horizons. If you go to About  on my homepage I give you an indication which way I intend to go with this. The thought behind the choice  for this title for my new blogversion.

In the process of living my life,  trusting my intuition grew. Listening to my inner voice and base my decisions on it.  And, to my joy and surprise synchonicity started to happen. The conformation.

So then, join me in this…. surely you too have experienced the same when you followed your innervoice. What did it bring you ? What not ?

Advice?  Take a quiet moment in the day for it. Walk a labyrinth. Create one yourself  !labje'15

Ask yourself the question: “Does it feel right? Does it feel wrong?” and base your decision on it. You will be surprised what will start to happen !


Ofcourse there lies a labyrinth in the little village Lierop.  Not by accident ofcourse.

..and hoppa! What did I tell you ? Synchronicity!!



  1. Wow, what a start Els, good for you. I love your photos and the thoughtful work you have put into this blog. I look forward to hear/seeing more. Thank you
    marney of the Labyrinth tour of 2006 (I think it was)

  2. Thank you Marney ! so glad I informed you. Aim is to try keep the entries interesting enough to share. Our tour in 2006.. almost 10 years ago! Imagine !

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