My First

We lost touch. You developed very interesting hobbies or intensified those you had over the years. You wrote books, created knitting- and other pieces of art. Share the great love of animals with me and surely have many around, maybe even some new ones? How about sport? Still active? Been travelling abroad or in your own country? What are you reading? I really am interested to know.

I missed you so I decided to start my blog again. This is what keeps me interested. Would you share yours with me ?

I chose the name of my blog because intuition and thus synchronicity saved my life three times and brought me into the magic ancient world of dolmens, stone circles and labyrinths.

These are my greatest loves :

Labyrinth in Lierop

These books taught me a very interesting way of interaction with people and managing energy

Thus I am still alive

Intend to share these and other subjects and articles I wrote. That OK ?

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