So that is what they call it..

scannen0001Synchronicity. When we were young we were happy when it happened but sometimes wondered, “How is this possible? What an odd coincidence.”

Then this book came on the market in 1993. James Redfield profiled his vision in this wonderful story in which nine scrolls (Insights) are found in the woods of Peru. Written by a Monk’s order at the beginning of our age –  the Insights predict that at the beginning of the 21st century mankind’s way of living will start to change in a spectacular way – spiritually, intuitively, with synchronicity following.

He has an interesting vision on the process by which we withdraw energy from each other to become stronger ourselves, and also how to turn this process around, giving energy without having it taken from you. 

When this happened to me recently, leaving me exhausted, Redfield’s vision on this issue came to mind again.


In the movie it is beautifully illustrated.

Yes, something is changing in the way we are thinking. Spirituality is finding new ways. New forms. Towards ourselves and those around us.

scannen0005In his books – this the only translated version – Hans Peter Roel writes about this same thing in an enlightening way, taking it to a higher level. He regularly gives workshops on this subject.

Chaos and aggressive reactions to this process can be expected. It is happening today all over the world.

But  on the Memory Wall at the Weteringschans Circuit in our Amsterdam
this hopeful message is written:

The benign powers will certainly win in the end.
–Henriëtte Roland Holst          


  1. I remember how powerful The Celestine Prophecy was for the many who were reading new age literature and looking for answers in this direction. I still have my original copy!

    1. Hope you pick it up and read it again.. it added a lot to my thinking again. Thank you for your reaction Bobbe… so appreciated. Gives courage to continue!

    1. Yes our hearts are opening indeed…thank you for your entry here. It is so wonderful when one gets them.. gives courage to continue!

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