My Siberian… My Husky… My Sleddog…

The question of writing an article about our sleddog breed, my vision on their appearance, their work, and their sport, along with what I consider important in preserving these qualities still comes up regularly.

But then… I’ve already written many  articles on these issues, and they’ve been published in several languages too. As my opinions haven’t changed, it doesn’t make much sense to repeat myself.

No, a better idea would be to make a selection of what I consider theto be the best I’ve written on the subject, edit it, and bring it together.  That done, I’ll find a way of publishing it – one way or another.

Well, let’s see, which articles am I going to use?  The Triptich as published in our national general dog magazine (De Hondenwereld) in 1968, for sure. Indian Summer in Willow too.  History of the Breed in Kamchatka  might be interesting as well. I can use my sleddog stories about several individual dogs as a good diversion from the more specific ones. The Anatomy of the Working Sleddog about the importance of shoulder angulation and inheritance factors… yes.. those as well. And of course my two little poems, Moment and  A Sleddog Prayer. Let’s see how far I get with all this…


… yes, it is going to work!

How am I going to do this?  Well, I need to just sit down and get started.  I have a good coach in  Johann van Rossum – who will illustrate some of the stories.  Above is one of them  Go visit his website to see more of his work including the three books he has written and published.

How will my “creation” finally look? I have no idea, but I’m sure that will sort itself out when the manuscript is ready. See you then!


















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