My Siberian Book… almost there!

Just writing a little book… well, I’ve been working at it for a year now, collecting my publications  about our breed in the 1970’s. Converting it into modern Dutch, shortening texts, deciding what goes in and what not. Not just the specific breed articles, but my times and adventures at the Howling Dog Farm in Willow Alaska as well. Short stories about individual dogs and what they did for me. The bond I built up with them while working them in harness and showing them at the national and international dog shows.

No pictures, that was evident. “Johann, is it all working out alright so far? Do you need anything more out of my files?”

“No problem Els, here are a few. We just have to decide where we put them into the text!”

Many decisions have to be made: what will be the best format of the book, hard or soft cover, what colour of paper, and what lettertype. How to publish it  and when do we make the decision  that “now it is good enough, let’s do it”.

…and darn… why can’t I find that one picture we still need?

Johann: “Don’t worry, Els, it will come out exactly the way you want it to be!”


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