Freemasonry and Noetic Science

Nothing happens by accident, that is a fact.

scannen0003Visiting good friends, we hit the subject Freemasonry while having a  glass of wine. How old, how fascinating, their way of thinking and organisation is, and their influence on the history of the United States and world politics through time. Of course we came around to Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol.  The story itself is somewhat violent at times, but Brown is well known for his profound research on his subjects. Brown  describes some of the rituals and thoughts behind freemasonry itself, but apart from that he shares with us how profoundly the Masons’ influence can be seen in the layout of the city of Washington DC itself.

 George Washington – the First Worshipful Grand Master of the first Lodge – has been the most important figure of Freemasonry principle and thought in America, and he lays out the democratic foundation of  Their New World  for the United States of today.

But in his book Dan Brown goes well into another  spectacularly interesting subject :

scannen0001Noetic Science.  It shares with us how the human spirit, individually as well as collectively, has the power to influence, change and determine the direction and destiny of mankind worldwide. In a positive as well as a negative sense.

Mind over Matter.

Weird and ridiculous stories are floating around about Freemasonry. Ignore them. Don’t believe them.

Read these books, dig into both subjects.
New and spectacular horizons will open for you.


  1. Dank voor je reactie Veroon ! en gezellig dat je hem oppakt. Weet dat velen dat doen maar reacties erop is altijd bemoedigend en inspirerend!

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