About Qi and meditation

Some years ago I found a book  called The White Army  by Hans Peter Roel (no translation available as yet) . The writer takes us in this story  to Scotland, Rosslyn Chapel  and  deep into a way of thinking  that is close to  Freemasonry .

In my blog About Dolmens… Intuïtion and Synchronicity  from March 31, 2010, I  shared my thoughts on it. 1001004006851293

At the time nothing much happened for me at the workshop that followed, but somehow it has stayed with me all these years.

Several weeks ago I decided to reread one of his books, Qi. The theme is the same.   The young man Peter – who is very successful in his business life – goes into a deep depression.

He decides to make a short mountain trip in the Himalayas, hoping to get his life back on track. His guide is a Sherpa  who recognizes  Peters mental problem and advises him to take a retreat in a Buddist Monastery high in the mountains. What follows is a fascinating story as the Buddist monks teach him the principles of Qi .

Your Qi- spot is situated  three fingers width below your navel.

In the last chapter of this book the writer explains the practise of the four principles of Qi :


1. Bring your attention to your Qi- point

2. Relax completely

3. Keep your weight balanced and low

4. Let the Qi flow outward

Using it for some weeks now in my early morning meditation (and other moments of the day!)  – with a good cup of coffee, my Kon Tiki slippers on, and my hand labyrinth close by – I am already experiencing  its positive effect on my peace of mind and energy flow. One thing I learned: My past is behind me. They are memories, experiences, a learning process. but it is what Was. As for my future, the confidence and joy in life is what Is.  The most important issue that remains is to stay in the absolute  NOW.  Today.  Every day.  Every hour.

P1040321..ElsScan022 and with one of the encouraging labyrinth cards next to me.. what can possibly go wrong ?

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